Sights in Mauritius

  • Tea plantations
  •     Dream beaches
  •     7 Coloured Earths
  •     Zoo





Nice to know

  •     sunny hours – however short duration
  •     Language: French, English, Creole
  •     Lots of fish to eat
  •     Take underwater camera for diving
  •     Friendly people
  •     Rather quiet – almost no parties





Getting Mauritius

After a sixteen-hour but pleasant flight with the A380-800, we landed on the island of Mauritius. Already soon we met locals who greeted us with a friendly smile. The check-in process at the airport were quite easy and convenient. Already after 20 minutes we were able to welcome our driver and were on our way to the hotel.




Attractions in Mauritius

As diverse as Mauritius is probably no other island. The colorful and artenvielfaltige nature provides a nice place for every visitor. The dream stalls invite you to stay and relax a. In Mauritius enjoyment, relaxation and love is at home. For those looking for healthy and calm days it’s no wonder.Eating in Mauritius

Who would like to have it fresh in Mauritius at the exact source. Whether fish, vegetables and fruits – here is something there for every taste. Only fishing or picking itself is fresh. The dishes are usually very international, but is directed most of the French style. The passion fruit is highly recommended.





Mauritius is green and full of life – also thanks to the many rainy days. For this reason it is advisable to check when the rainy days are not just the highest.

Have A Beautiful Holiday.






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