Sights in Kos

Hotel in Kos:

The hotel was built very nice and modern. With a huge Gemeindschaftspool front of the hotel had to have no fear that they found no place to lie down. The pool bar had many different cocktails and other drinks to choose from. For the small hunger was also taken care of in the accompanying snack bar. Immediately outside the hotel there was the sea. The water was very clean and clear. The sandy beach was very nice and quite special, because you could see some black sand, this is so because Kos is a volcanic island.






The hotel staff was very prepared and helpful. However, the head of staff is very spirited. When you criticize what they feel offended and act afterwards sour.

Shopping in Kos:

Kos is a pure shopping paradise! No matter what you are looking for you will find it. Generally speaking, the Greeks are very friendly to tourists. The prices are far too expensive.




Party, bar, disco in Kos:

If you want the evening off, it’s want to make the party special for the boys vacationers very well suited. Everywhere you look are quite left us bars, clubs and discos. The people are very calm, you love to serve and usually there’s still a small free drink to order.

Discos there are not so many but the ones there are always filled to the brim. That is what more from the bars.




Kos Island in general:

One can just about anything wheels has rent on Kos. Due to the shallow location of the island it is easy to move by bike. When planning an independent trip, you can in one day drive around the whole island and all sightseeing. One can go from village to village and admire everything it has to offer the islands. For example, a trip to the highest waves in the whole of Greece, for Bubble beach where the warm sea water bubbles (volcano) and many other attractions. If you feel like it, you can be by boat in 30 minutes in Turkey. More to Bodrum, the Turkish Saint Tropez.

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