Sights in Dubai

Attractions in Dubai

  •     Dubai Mall
  •     Emirates Mall
  •     Burj al Arab
  •     Burj Khalifa
  •     Atlantis The Palm
  •     Dubai Museum





Nice to know in Dubai

  •     Alcohol legally available only in restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels
  •     not dress too revealing
  •     Taxi Drive very low
  •     Shopping centers and taxis are very cool – Take along clothes
  •     During Ramadan, many shops are open limited





Holidays in Dubai – the city of a thousand and one attractions

If you decide on a trip to Dubai the land of a thousand attractions, arises most likely the question of whether there should be a hotel right in the center near the shops or a hotel on the palm to relax. The selection of hotels is located in every way. While most hotels on the Palm (an interesting attraction also) have a direct access to the beach, the hotels in central points through its architectural design and the central location.




In any case, however, can be in Dubai everything quite quickly and cheaply reached by taxi. From the palm of the famous Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa, it costs the equivalent of only a few euros. Even Abu Dhabi can be reached by taxi for about 70 €, but not driving any taxi driver to Abu Dhabi. The world’s tallest attraction to visit the tower Burj Khalifa, also lends itself to very. Tickets for this but should if possible be booked in advance, otherwise mostly nothing left to get in the short term is Magazine.

Dining in Dubai

Should you, in spite of the many on-site restaurants for a meal outside to decide, so provide for a quick meal at the mall, where there are from fast food to upscale restaurants (Armani Café in the Dubai Mall, etc.) everything. Likewise, there are in most hookah bars and good food. For a romantic or luxurious food outside to offer the classics like Armani Ristorante, Cavalli Club, Buddha Bar, the restaurant Okku or excellent, but very high-priced Reflets by Pierre Gagnaire magazine.




In fairness, I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed by the Cavalli Club. My personal favorites are the Armani Ristorante, Buddha Bar and Reflets. A meal at one of the restaurants of the Burj Khalifa can also be very beautiful.
Party in Dubai

At night you can not only fed the Cavalli Club, but also celebrated befitting! The Cavalli Club in Dubai is like the Cirque du Soir at the Fairmont Hotel. The Boudouir Nightclub, the People by Cristal and the recently opened VIP Room offer also at the celebration. When my two favorites I would call this the pompously decorated Cavalli Club and the world’s famous VIP Room. Exhaust flaps




During the day I can only recommend to dress bathing suit to go in a taxi towards Abu Dhabi and to go into the Blue Martin Ibiza. The ride from the center costs about 40 € here. The decorated in Ibiza style Beach Club is located directly on a small sandy beach, offers delicious food throughout the day on (recommended Sushi very!) And it will be played the latest beats from Ibiza. Reserve a preliminary offers at here. Can be relaxed either single beds or white Sun Beds subscription.

Shopping in Dubai

With a visit to the Dubai Mall and the Emirates Mall has just about everything covered your heart desires. Whether the famous boutiques, such as LV, Gucci, Hermes, etc. Tod`s or stores like Zara, there is everything here! Even Victoria’s Secret for women can be found here. We recommend a visit to the classic Gold Souk, where really, no matter where you look, only gold can be seen! Even if the dealer can be a bit intrusive at first, most are really polite and nice and understand it even if you’re not interested. The gold is so low as almost nowhere else in the world. With a good exchange rate, it may be even cheaper. But be careful with the customs …




Dubai Mall

Dubai Museum

Here you can still find an exciting documentation that explains how Dubai has emerged. Here one understands the magic of the desert town of a thousand and a jewelry sights.

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