Sights in Antalya

Seneswürdigkeiten in Antalya-Lara – Turkey




Attractions Antalya

  • Termessos
    Antalya Archaeological Museum
    Kursunlu Waterfalls
    Patara Antique Theater

Nice to know






  • It speaks any German
    Begin while shopping always with 10% of the price
    Watch out for the gypsy children
    Are you a waiter in the first days of tip he -dient you always





Getting to Antalya

The arrival to Antalya airport went very pleasant. The airport was very large, but there were few baggage. Therefore, one should pay attention to good his luggage, as much travelers are the same baggage carousel.

If one is ready to leave the airport, taxis are immediately ready to drive to the hotel to the travelers. Taxis in Turkey are very favorable. So you pay 10-15 euros for about 30km.

Hotel in Antalya

The hotel had a very special and beautiful architecture. The lobby made an inviting impression and the people at the reception were very friendly and had an open ear for all guests. The rooms were very nice and quiet so that you could not hear any other guest. In the hotel complex you were entertained throughout the day with various animations. You could let off steam in all areas in sports. But even for the quieter guests was taken care of. Quiet places by the pool with massage, Fishspa and much more could make for recovering times. I recommend the avid golf player to visit the Antalya Golf Club.




Shopping in Antalya

As is known, Turkey is a paradise for shopping. So also in Antalya. It borders a shop on the other and the quality is really very high quality! On Pries itself but you could always negotiate. My tip for shoppers, always starts at 10 – 20% of the price which the seller offers. So you can act the price up to 40 or even 30% down. After negotiating you should buy, however, if the seller accommodates strong.

Going out Disco Bars in Antalya

In Antalya you should not go for this reason in the holiday. The only place where the evening what’s going on, is in the main hotel. As a rule, there are shuttle buses that go to clubs and bars, but these are not worth the money. In the clubs, the drinks are overpriced and not really the truth.




Antalya city

The bus has 25 minutes to Antalya city. One should not expect too much of the city. There are three highest interest. Otherwise, it’s a dirty city and the people also seem unwelcoming and try to rush you. One should also take care to Gypsy children is otherwise quick way what. For more beautiful sights you would have to go a little further afield. What I really recommend it to anyone, it is to visit Pamukale.





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